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Luoyang Hosts 14th Annual Lotus Festival

2017-07-04 15:57:22      Web Editor: Liu

The opening ceremony of the 14th Luoyang Lotus Festival was held at the Luoyang Yintan Agricultural Sightseeing Garden on June 26.


Located in Luoyang city in Henan province, the garden has introduced a "fog system" along the wooden paths of the lotus ponds. It can create the illusion of a "landscape of water", allowing tourists to feel the cool air on their faces while they're walking on the trails.


The festival will see fishing boats along the lake in the park. Visitors can also enjoy the picturesque Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) scenery. They can also see the fishermen going about their work as well as the cormorant birds in their natural habitat.

The park also created nine themed landscapes to celebrate the blooming of the lotus flowers. The themes this year are "Good harvests", "Idyllic Pastoral" and "Fishing Boat in the Evening."


The festival also provides entertainment projects for all visitors including cruise ships, fishing, chess, Kart racing, sightseeing cars and tandem bicycles.


Tourists can also enjoy local delicacies such as "Yellow River carp" and "Wild vegetables" in the waterfront restaurants scattered across the lotus ponds. In the evening, after enjoying the lotus pool by moonlight and the twinkling stars in the sky, they can sleep in the log cabin at the side of the lotus lake wetland.


Luoyang city officials hope to build a city of international cultural tourism and develop a movie-orientated tourism industry, as the city is renowned for its rich historic and cultural heritage. Luoyang Yintan Agricultural Sightseeing Garden will be a tourist attraction that integrates sightseeing, video shooting, cultural communication and recreation.


More interactive services will be provided for visitors in the festival including free family photos, business parties, romantic games for couples and social gatherings.



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