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Luoyang and Local Soup Culture

2016-12-22 17:19:08      Web Editor: Chen

In ancient times, Luoyang was said to be the middle part of the world and a great city of China. Food, as part of the Chinese culture, has changed with times and places. Luoyang used to be the capital city of 13 dynasties. In the 1950s, due to the fast development contributed by migrants, Luoyang food became diverse. Luoyang is surrounded by mountains with little rainfall, so local people like drinking soups. No matter it's morning, noon time or the evening, Luoyang people enjoy drinking soups. The Water Banquet, mainly with soup, has become the national feast and Luoyang's pride. Therefore, the essence of Luoyang food is concluded in one word, soup.

Luoyang has about 30 kinds of soups. The materials include mutton, beef, donkey meat, tofu and meat balls. The beef soup is very delicious. It is made with Chinese red pepper, anise, Chinese cassia tree and amomum tsao-ko. Luoyang has many soup restaurants. Most of them are small and the soups are cheap.That is an advantage that attracts people.

Luoyang Bufan Soup is sour, spicy, salty and nice. With a history of 120 years, it is a very typical local dish. It is called as 'Jiufumen BuFan Soup' by local people. It is cook with needle mushroom, leek, seaweed and coriander.Hula Soup also has a history of 100 years. It is cook with powder, meat, peanut, needle mushroom, garlic, Chinese yam, salt, soy sauce, pepper, ginger and pepper.


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