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Tours in Luanchuan: Experience Amazing Folk Culture in Winter

2016-12-16 13:09:45      Web Editor: Chen

When talking about travel in Luanchuan, tourists may think of skiing. In fact, Luanchuan has various winter leisure and entertainment events. Starting from last winter, scenic spots in Luanchuan have launched fresh winter events.
Funiu Mountain Skiing Resort
This year, Funiu Mountain upgrades its facilities following the standards of the Winter Olympics. It aims to build a First Class Skiing Area with fun, beauty and comfort. Funiu Mountain scenic spot has built small-and-medium sized gardens, improved the skiing area, established viewing zone for winter scenes and expanded the snow-playing zone. It also has projects including winter camp, Waltz on snow, skiing open games and bonfire on snow land.


Laojun Mountain Winter Tours
Laojun Mountain offers four winter routines. The first is 'Like Snow, Like Sea'. It leads tourists to enjoy the cloud sea, rime and snow land. Tourists could walk or take the cableway to the Ten Mile Painting Plate, a viewing zone. The second is 'Like Snow, Like Ice'. It mainly includes spots like Zhaigou and Zhuimeng Valley. Tourists could enjoy the ice waterfall, glazed ice and flowing winter water. The third routine has the theme of 'Like Snow, Like Taoism'. Tourists will visit the Lao Zi Culture Park, Zhongtian Gate and Laojun Mountain Golden Summit Taoist Temples to understand more about Taoism. The fourth theme routine is 'Like Snow, Like Nature'. This routine is suitable for photographers. It will lead them to the Mazong Ridge, the Glass Viewing Platform and the Peak Forest.

Chongdugou Scenic Spot
Chongdugou focuses on the theme of Melody in Winter. It organizes tourists to watch the ice waterfall, play snow and experience local folk culture. On the central square, there is a folk culture experiencing area. Tourists could enjoy projects like walking on stilts, carrying a sedan chair, yangko dancing, playing gong and drum and bamboo dancing. It also has bonfires. The scenic spot is decorated with red lanterns and colorful lights. Events like guess riddles will also be held.


In addition, Longyu Bay and Funiu Mountain Northeastern Tiger Park have winter events as well. During the Spring Festival next year, Luanchuan will decorate its main streets and areas along the Yi River to present a beautiful night view of the county and an exciting Spring Festival.


• Free tickets offered to Luoyang residents in Mingtang and scenic paradise
The month of December has seen Luoyang city residents enjoy free admissions to the Paradise Mingtang scenic spot.

• Luoyang takes steps to build more museums
The Conference of Cultural Relic Protection of Henan province recently held in Luoyang has unveiled plans to build new museums in Luoyang.

Luoyang to Host PATA Adventure Travel Conference

Luoyang, an ancient city in central China's Henan province, will host its first international conference on adventure tourism from April 2 to April 4.

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