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Water Banquets,Fried Dumplings,Sour Noodles and Gravy Soup

2016-06-22 11:45:58      Web Editor: Chen

As an ancient Chinese capital, Luoyang has a rich history of numerous traditions, among which its local cuisine remains the most active and alluring aspect of the city. Large numbers of tourists come to Luoyang each year specifically to enjoy its time-honored cuisine.

Luoyang Water Banquets
The "shui xi," or water banquet, is a Chinese meal comprising eight cold and 16 warm dishes cooked in various broths, gravies or juices.
Water banquets became popular because of the climatic conditions of Luoyang. Its dry air, mountainous terrain and lack of fruit make a watery meal an attractive option.
Vegetables and meat dishes are all included in the water banquet. The key to an authentic banquet lies in the soup. It takes almost a day to make the soup used to cook the dishes. The ingredients in the soup are of the highest quality and require superb skills for timing and heating control.

Fried Dumplings
Legend has it that Zhao Kuangyin, or Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, discovered fried dumplings when he accidentally walked in on his chefs frying leftover dumplings in the kitchen. He tried some of the fried dumplings and found the crusty dumpling wrapper quite pleasant to the taste. Thus, fried dumplings became a favorite of the imperial family and ordinary households alike. They were inscribed as one of the nonmaterial cultural heritages of Henan Province in 2009.

Sour Noodles
The popularity of sour noodles lies in their simple preparation method and the auspicious aspirations behind their origin. It was said that Liuxiu (Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty) was being chased by a rebellious army. When he was down and out in Luoyang, a kindhearted peasant gave him a bowl of noodles mixed with sour soymilk and vegetables. Suffering from severe hunger, Liuxiu found the noodles incredibly delicious. When he was returned to his throne, the emperor added this lower-class dish to his imperial menu.

Gravy Soup
The three elements that make Luoyang gravy soup unique are time, seasoning and water. Time is usually the most important element with regard to the quality of the gravy. The more time spent making it, the better the gravy will taste.
Gravy soup is the most common breakfast food of locals. The best companion for the gravy is dry bread. There is even an old saying expressing the love for gravy in the morning: "Hot gravy in the morning, wouldn't change it for being an immortal."


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