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Luoyang Citizen Collects Over 600 Watches

2015-10-22 14:09:23      Web Editor: Liu Ranran

"Whoever wore a watch to go on a blind date would definitely be preferred in 1970s and 80s. I'm serious," said a middle-aged man who loves collecting watches.

49-year-old Shi Junjie has collected watches for four years. As a common worker, he collects more than 600 watches, some of which date back to the period pf the Republic of China, and some of which are from foreign countries. Watches of different periods and areas are really eye-broadening.

Walking into Shi Junjie's home, you will be attracted by a box filled with all types of watches. Men watch accounts for the majority of the collected. All the watches, from the silver pocket watch of Republican period to the luxury modern wrist watch, from the one made in Swiss, France, Soviet Union to the one made in Shanghai and even Luoyang, make it a dazzling display.

"A watch is more than a tool for people to check the time. Every watch has a invisible touching story," remarked Shi Junjie. Back to 2011, he suddenly felt interested in watches and then started waiting in the front of residential area and vegetable markets to buy watches.

When collecting watches, he also hears of interesting stories about watches and meets other collectors. There is even a person buying all his collection of Mudan (a local Luoyang brand) watches and holding a small-scale exhibit themed on that.


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