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A Close Look at Luoyang Shovel

2015-09-30 16:02:52      Web Editor: Shen Siling

With the increasing popularity of fictions and movies themed on tomb robbing, like The Lost Tomb and Nonsensical Talk, more and more people get to know this amazing tool, Luoyang shovel. Recently, a museum themed on Luoyang shovel opened to the public.

The museum covers an area of 600 square meters, consisting of 4 showrooms, where not only shovels of sufficient age but those newly produced are exhibited. It is said that most of the shovels have made great contributions to archaeological excavation, with some even working in major archeological sites like Sanxingdui Ruin Site and the Shang Town Ruins in Yanshi. The functions of Luoyang shovels vary according to their different sizes and shapes. Xu Jingchao, founder of the museum and president of the Culture Protection Association, mentioned that if soil layers are filled with cobblestones, brick shovels with sharp and hard shovel head will be used; while if soil is soft and wet, shovels with shelters in the shovel head will be used. Moreover, there are many other types of Luoyang shovel on display.

Aside from Luoyang shovel, relevant archeological tools and documents are also exhibited. "We are planning to carry out activities that will enable the public to experience archeological work in the future. By using Luoyang shovel, people will have a better understanding of history and archeology," Xu Jingchao added.


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