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Home Inn in Luoyang

2014-11-28 10:24:35      Web Editor: Shen Siling

Home Inn (Luoyang Middle Tanggong Road)

Established in 2008, Home Inn (Luoyang Tanggongzhong Road) is situated in the center of Luoyang, standing next to Luoyang Train Station, Luoyang Coach Station, Zhouwangcheng Square (Museum of Emperor's Six-horse Chariot), Ming Hall, Zhongyang Department Store, Wangfujing Department Store, Carrefour and Xinduhui Shopping Plaza. The hotel provides a family-like environment with easy access to transportation and meeting rooms, a free parking lot and 104 delicately-decorated business queen rooms and standard rooms. Other amenities including hot shower, air conditioning, television and 24-hour free internet service are also supplied. Guests are able to enjoy various kinds of both Chinese and Western breakfasts.
Location: No. 16 Tanggongzhong Road.

Home Inn (Wangcheng Park)

Staying at Home Inn (Wangcheng Park), Guests can enjoy easy access to shopping, train and coach stations and scenic attractions including Longmen Grottoes and Museum of Emperor's Six-horse Chariot. It provides a variety of rooms, equipped with hot shower, air conditioning, television and 24-hour free internet service. The hotel follows closely the characteristics of its brand ĘC unity: unified buildings, equipment and service. The key of its design is simplicity, through which it presents a clean and home-like environment.


• Free tickets offered to Luoyang residents in Mingtang and scenic paradise
The month of December has seen Luoyang city residents enjoy free admissions to the Paradise Mingtang scenic spot.

• Luoyang takes steps to build more museums
The Conference of Cultural Relic Protection of Henan province recently held in Luoyang has unveiled plans to build new museums in Luoyang.

Luoyang to Host PATA Adventure Travel Conference

Luoyang, an ancient city in central China's Henan province, will host its first international conference on adventure tourism from April 2 to April 4.

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