Tianjin Xiaochi: Chopsticks & Beyond Goes Little
Tianjin may be just a hop, skip and a jump away from Beijing, but it still maintains its own culture, dialect, and cuisine.
Chopsticks & Beyond: On Track in Tianjin
Chopsticks & Beyond took to Tianjin last Friday, where the cooking show invited a number of food industry professionals to take part in the Tianjin Snack Attack contest.
Kids Rock the Kitchen with Chopsticks & Beyond
For Chopsticks & Beyond's latest installment this past Saturday, it invited a crew of kids out to see how they'd handle a little friendly competition in the kitchen. Sixteen kids aged 5 to 16 came out to BCIS ready to get their hands dirty.
Chopsticks & Beyond Looks for Love
In China, November 11 is colloquially known as Singles Day, a day for single dudes and ladies to party with other single dudes and ladies so they can hopefully escape a potentially lonely and tragic fate of being alone forever.
Chopsticks & Beyond Jumps into Zhengzhou
Cooking and the enjoyment of food are things that go beyond political and cultural borders.
Chopsticks and Beyond is a culinary journey through the myriad aspects Chinese cuisine has to offer. However, the scope of C&B is not limited to the Middle KingdomĄ¯s biggest cities, as we reach out to chefs and restaurateurs from all parts of China to explore the nuances of kitchens and dishes of all kinds, be they from across the country or just down the block. Join Us!
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