Rationality and Sensibility of Sanya
   2013-12-13 14:11:52    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Luo Chun

Pssionate Sanya [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

At Tianya, the world ends. At Haijiao, new lives are born.

In the period of the Continental Civilization, land was divided by mountains and rivers into secluded pieces. As the land privatization move began, the hereditary enfeoffment system emerged and social stratification appeared as a result of land inequality. Land is static and an agrarian society totally depends on land and weather. The feudal regimes in ancient China insisted the world only consist of a large mass of land surrounded by seas, to which they attached little importance. And in the Ming and Qing periods, maritime activities were banned.

Isolated by water from the mainland, Yazhou in ancient China could be no more than a remote town populated by exiled officials. In traditional Chinese culture, Tianya Haijiao means the end of the earth, faraway and desolate.

In the Age of Discovery, European fleets sailed worldwide, exploring new shipping routes and trade links. As capitalism swept the world, the Maritime Civilization began. Different from the closed and conservative Continental Civilization, the Maritime Civilization was open and tolerant and respected diversity. And the ocean, once a symbol of desperation, dread and doom, became a synonym for openness, tolerance and renaissance.

The coastal city of Sanya can't keep aloof from the trend. With a brand new look, it has transformed from a "shy girl" to an "outgoing, romantic, stylish and popular lady." With big ambitions, it is more diligent and unconventional than ever.

Known as the "Forever Tropical-dise" and the "Hawaii of the East," Sanya fully understands its own charm and fashion. Sitting on the 18th parallel, it enjoys a maritime climate with seasonal winds blowing throughout the year. Boasting sunshine, ocean views, beaches, plants and clean air, the city has no choice but to become a popular resort.

Sanya had unveiled its lofty but rational ambition in an earlier modernization plan. When it was a small town, it had dreamed of becoming an international tourist resort and resolved to pursue a green development. After spending more than 20 years in developing local hospitality and general aviation industries, and with the adoption of offshore duty-free and visa waiver policies, Sanya's "green efforts" are finally paying off, as the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island begins. Today, a new tourist destination is emerging, where a leisure-and-travel oriented transformation is gaining momentum.

Sanya's spectacular mountains, rivers and beaches were sources of inspiration for the Li and Miao ethnic cultures. Here, Huang Daopo (1245-1330), China's textile founder, learnt weaving skills from the Li people. The Muslim tombs at the estuary witnessed how the Maritime Silk Road contributed to the local history and cultural diversity. And the Confucian Temple still keeps the books left by monk Jianzhen (688¨C763).

The charm of a city largely lies in its soul and history, while Sanya's soul resides in Yacheng. Does that street, which carries on old memories, still exist? The prosperity is gone, but the street is still there, and the memories will surely be kept alive forever.

Sanya is beautiful and romantic. In such a city, it would be a pity to live without love. From Moscow to Sanya, an international couple has never ceased to enjoy their marriage. In a seaside caf¨¦, a girl is waiting for her beloved to return after years of separation. On a "paradise hill," the "bird nest" villas have been specially prepared for the love-struck.

In the autumn, a British man came to the city that awakened his childhood memory of the Isle of Wight. Meanwhile, a Russian girl arrived in search of her compatriots.

Believe me, here at Tianya Haijiao, dreams can come true.

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