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Chopsticks & Beyond Goes Cantonese
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Tania Zozulya (Russian)
Made Spicy Sichuan Beef
Alexandra Grillborzer (German)
Made Mashed Potato with Vegetables and Fried Beef

Ying Si (Thai)
Made Sichuan Deep Fried Beef with Thai Salad

Kiting Steven (Australian)
Made Stir Fried Tofu Mixed with Beef in Hot Sauce

As Chinese cuisine spreads across the globe like never before, it certainly isn't stagnating in its homeland. Native chefs are breaking down barriers and experimenting in new ways that would astonish the old masters. But they're not the only ones pushing the boundaries.

Pierrick Renou (France)
Made Scallops Carpaccio with Spring Rolls
Nick Gollner (USA)
Made seared scallops in maple bacon with asparagus and mushrooms

Giada Faggiano (Italy)
Made shrimps and scallops sauteed in dragon nest with scent of Italy

Ana Perez (Spain)
Made Cantonese potato omelette with scallops

Having already covered Sichuan cuisine, this past Saturday Chopsticks & Beyond delved into the subtleties of Cantonese fare. Four Beijing expats arrived with their secret ingredients stowed away.

Jannatul Ferdaous (Bangladesh)
Made Lovey Dovey

Max Wengawenga (Malawi)
Made Autumn Fusion

Angela Grananiello (Italy)
Made Blooming Flower Prawns

Bobby Brill (USA)
Made A Handfull of the Moon

Smashing a packet of cashew nuts with a bottle of white vinegar may not be the best way to crush them - but time was short and Bobby Brill from the USA had just minutes left to produce his Chinese-style prawn taco sauce.

Elyse Ribbon
Made Detroit Rock Fish

Rachel Wamoto
Made Off the Cuff Fish.

Maria Mantler
Made Bass with potato fritter, pepper vegetables and a yogurt ĘC dil dip

Thomas Newton
Made striped sea bass with cinnamon ginger marmalade in black beer, with American brown wild rice

Chopsticks & Beyond has now hosted five competitions featuring 25 participants from all corners of the world. Along the way, the show sampled the wares of some of Beijing's finest new restaurants, and even entered the homes of Beijing expat foodies.

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