Smaller Tombs Please, Beijing Tells the public
Beijing will promote smaller tombs and other eco-burials as it tries to persuade people to stop renting big tombs for the deceased, officials said.
• Beijing International Tourism Expo to Kick off in May
• Beijing Takes Action to Ease Downtown Traffic
• Beijing Mulls New Conditions for Issuing Red Alert against Air Pollution
• Beijing to Spend 16.5 Bln Yuan for Cleaner Air in 2016
• Beijing Considering Halving Winter Car Use to Cut Smog
• Volunteer Internet Monitors Debut in Beijing
• Beijing to Shut 2,500 Small, Polluting Firms this Year
I Heart Beijing
• Beijing starts collecting emblem designs for 2022 Winter Games • Zhang Yimou Promotes Great Wall in Beijing
• We Are What We Wear: "China's First Lady of Fashion" Ma Ke  • Lithuania to Hold Photographic Exhibition to Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relationship with China 
• French production "Romeo and Juliet" coming to Guangzhou and Beijing • Beijing airport to reallocate some flights to nearby cities
• Beijing's annual photography festival to open in mid-October • Beijing citizens spend 2 billion yuan over Mid-Autumn Festival
• "Folding Beijing" by Hao Jingfang • The Works of Shakespeare comes alive at "The Musical Shakespeare" concert
• UK Healthcare Services Looking for Opportunities in Chinese Market • International Publishers Aim for the Chinese Market
Latest in Beijing
• Beijing rolls out stricter vehicle fuel standards to curb pollution
• Beijing to hold next World Botanic Expo after Turkey's Antalya
• Global contest of works on Xinjiang launched in Beijing
• Beijing to hold forum on cross-Strait peaceful development
• Xiangshan Forum opens in Beijing
• Beijing mobile phone users without real-name registration to be suspended
• Chinese writer Cao Wenxuan claims Hans Christian Andersen Prize 2016
• Beijing releases points system for migrants
• Beijing to adopt new residential permit system in October
• Beijing Guoan draw with Tianjin Teda 0-0 in Chinese Super League

v Eating on the Streets of China: Crayfish

• Beijing to see 40 hours of snow

• Beijing to build 1300 aged care community centers

• Fog Cannons helping to battle Beijing smog

• Beijing plans to reduce PM2.5 density to Western European level

• Beijing removes 340,000 high-emission vehicles from roads in 2016

• Beijing to cut number of new cars

• Beijing restricts phone service to users without real-name registration

• KMT leader to attend peace forum in Beijing

• Ride-hailing rules draw mixed response in Beijing, Shanghai

• Beijing's Zhongguancun sees fastest revenue growth this year

• Beijing sees more clear sky in 2016

• Beijing tightens control of industries affecting air quality
v Beijing Expects to Ease Traffic Jams
v Beijing Tops Chinese Cities in Spending
v Beijing to Cap Population at 23 Million by 2020
v West Beijing Township's Development to be Controlled for Better Air Quality
v Beijing to Start Trials of Regional Bus Pass
v Beijing Lifts Red Alert but Smog Will be Back in Two Days
v Beijing Gets Tough on Red Alert Offenses
v Beijing to Build National Park with Neighboring Province
v Beijing Home to Most Wealthy Singles
v Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to Launch Joint Aerial Emergency Rescue System