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About Red Oriental Industrial Tourism

2012-09-07 15:03:56      Web Editor: Duan
Experience the Glamour of Both Industrial Heritage and Modern Industry

In May, 2011 the Luoyang Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block was confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Cultural Heritage as one of the most famous historic cultural blocks in China. Among all the historic cultural blocks confirmed at the same time, Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block is the only one that reflects the industrial heritage since the founding of the People's Republic of China. Shan Jixiang, former chief of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage commented that this block, with its completeness and authenticity, is an essential part of China's industrialization and carries strong historic, scientific, artistic and social values.

The Luoyang Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block is a combined industrial and living zones area constructed by the former Soviet Union in Luoyang city. The block for the YTO Group Corporation, has factories, facilities, final assembly lines and residences in the style of the former Soviet Union. Because of its crucial location and tourism values, Red Oriental was one of the first national industrial tourism spots.

On October 1, 1955, YTO Group Corporation held its founding ceremony. On July 20, 1958, the first Chinese tractor was assembled successfully here. In the 1970s, the Red Oriental tractors made 60 percent of all tractors in China, thus the name Red Oriental is synonymous with Chinese mechanical agricultural.

The process of the industrialization of new China and red classics are the main themes of the Luoyang Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block. The first tractor assembly line in China, the first Chinese military off-road trucks, the first Chinese battle tanks were all produced here. There is also large machinery from former socialist countries in Eastern Europe, intact Soviet Union style buildings, instructions from Chairman Mao Zedong, old movie projectors and cameras that are all reminders of the past times. They reflect the great Chinese industrial builders and remind us of old memories and dreams.

The buildings in the industrial and living zones of the Luoyang Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block are the best preserved and intact ones since their completion during China's first Five-year Construction Plan. The fine lines of the buildings symbolize the characteristics of industry during planned economy era in China. The buildings are also silent witnesses to the city's industrialization.

Modern industry is another theme of the Red Oriental industrial tourism sites. The largest tractor panels manufacturing base in China, the largest off-road diesel engine production line and the largest off-road machinery drive manufacturing base are all located here, reflecting the complete production system of mechanical facilities in China.

The Red Oriental high-power wheeled tractor production line, which is the most advanced tractor production line in China and the largest one in Asia, is located in YTO Group Corporation industrial zone. The highly automated, state of the art facilities, the international techniques and testing methods all attest to the quality of the "Made in China" label in the agricultural field. For example, every two minutes one large wheel tractor is assembled to be transported across China as well as exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

The Red Oriental Farming Museum was officially opened to the public in April 2011. The museum, which cost 20 million yuan, is the first modern farming museum in China. On display are the quyuanli, a famous Chinese agricultural tool from ancient times, the old-fashioned tractors imported from abroad, the first modern tractor in new China, and the world tractor model wall. The display is an excellent way to interpret the changes in China's farming history.

The Red Oriental industrial tourism site is top quality and aims to become a national industrial tourism site. YTO Group Corporation's long-term efforts for its tourism sites have paid off since 2005, with both the hard facilities and "soft power" reaching new levels. More than 10 industrial tourism sites have been built. The contents of the displays have been enlarged and professional instructors and marketing team members are bringing energy to the sites. Tractor models, peony porcelain and publications are all flourishing.

Luoyang is famous for its peony porcelain, but an attractive alternative is the Red Oriental tourism site, which has become the shining star of the Luoyang Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block.

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