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Population and Resources

2012-09-07 16:31:19      Web Editor: Duan

As a place with inhabitants of various ethnicities, Luoyang has a population of 6.62 million, 1.7 million of which are urban citizens. There are 46 ethnic groups living in Luoyang, with the Han ethnicity accounting for 98.8 percent of the population, and other ethnicities making up the remaining 1.2 percent. Ethnicities with a population of more than 1,000 include the Hui, Manchu and Mongol. With a population of nearly 60,000, the Hui ethnicity accounts for 80 percent of the total of the ethnic minorities.

Produce and Resources: Rich resources with great development potential

Luoyang boasts rich resources with great development potential. There are 26 mineral resources, including molybdenum, aluminum, gold, silver, wolfram, coal, iron, zinc, crystal and lead. There are abundant deposits of the high-quality resources, and they are easily exploitable. Among them, the deposits of molybdenum are the greatest in China and among the three largest in the world.

The forestry plants in Luoyang are composed of 173 families, 830 categories, and 2,308 types as well as 198 varieties and six variants. Luoyang also claims a variety of wild animals, including 342 species of terrestrial vertebrates. Among them, more than 190 species are rare animals. Luoyang possesses rich water resources, including the Yellow, Luo, Yi, Li and Jian rivers, as well as the Luhun and Guxian reservoirs.

• Free tickets offered to Luoyang residents in Mingtang and scenic paradise
The month of December has seen Luoyang city residents enjoy free admissions to the Paradise Mingtang scenic spot.

• Luoyang takes steps to build more museums
The Conference of Cultural Relic Protection of Henan province recently held in Luoyang has unveiled plans to build new museums in Luoyang.

Luoyang to Host PATA Adventure Travel Conference

Luoyang, an ancient city in central China's Henan province, will host its first international conference on adventure tourism from April 2 to April 4.

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