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Location: "Center of the Middle Kingdom"

2012-09-07 16:31:14      Web Editor: Duan
Located in the west of Henan Province and the east section of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, Luoyang City, nicknamed the "Heart of China" and "Center of the Middle Kingdom," spans both sides of the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Endowed with a favorable geographical location, Luoyang is situated in a transitional area between the warm temperate and subtropical zones which give it four distinct seasons and pleasant weather. Its annual average temperature is 14.2 degree Celsius, while its annual average precipitation is 546 millimeters. Luoyang borders Zhengzhou to the east, Sanmenxia to the west, Jiaozuo to the north, and Pingdingshan and Nanyang to the south. It spans 179 kilometers from east to west, and 168 kilometers from south to north.

High in the west and low in the east, Luoyang boasts a variety of landforms and endless hills and mountains. Mountains account for 45.51 percent of the entire area, while hills make up 40.73 percent and plains comprise only 3.8 percent. The mountains around Luoyang include the Mang, Qingyao, Jingzi, Zhou, Ying, Longmen, Xiang, Wan'an, Shouyang and Song mountains. Luoyang also has an abundant amount of rivers and streams that are part of the three water systems¡ªYellow River, Huai River and Yangtze River. There are altogether more than 10 rivers winding across the area. Guanzhong lies to the west of Luoyang, Mt. Song to the east, Mt. Taihang and the Yellow River to the north, and Mt. Funiu to the south. It is no wonder to say that Luoyang claims the most favorable landforms taking advantage of its many mountains and rivers.

Originally called Yuzhou in ancient times, Luoyang's current name comes from the Luo River that runs through the city. Built during the Zhou Dynasty as early as 1,200 B.C., Luoyang boasts a history of more than 3,000 years and served as the capital of 13 dynasties. As one of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China, Luoyang is among the first group of Famous Historical and Cultural Cities certified by the State Council. The only city in China crowned "Divine Capital," Luoyang also has won the titles of "Wonderful Tourist City in China" and "Chinese City that Moves the World." Since ancient times, many poets and men of letters have traveled to and visited the city, which helped it win the title "Capital of Poems." The fragrant peonies throughout the city have given Luoyang another nickname¡ª" Capital of Flowers."

Luoyang, named after the Luo River that runs through the city, is one of the first cities to be certified by the State Council as a "Famous Historical and Cultural City in China." The Heluo Area, with Luoyang at its center, is believed to be an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It was where many famous Chinese legends originated, including Fuxi, Nvwa, the Yellow Emperor, Yao, Shun and Yu. From the Xia, Shang, Zhou dynasties to the Han, Wei, Jin, Tang dynasties, Luoyang served as the capital of 13 royal courts. After the Han and Wei dynasties, Luoyang grew into an international metropolis. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, its population increased to one million, and the prosperity of the city attracted people from all over the world.

• Free tickets offered to Luoyang residents in Mingtang and scenic paradise
The month of December has seen Luoyang city residents enjoy free admissions to the Paradise Mingtang scenic spot.

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The Conference of Cultural Relic Protection of Henan province recently held in Luoyang has unveiled plans to build new museums in Luoyang.

Luoyang to Host PATA Adventure Travel Conference

Luoyang, an ancient city in central China's Henan province, will host its first international conference on adventure tourism from April 2 to April 4.

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