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Friends of Green Environment of Jiangsu
2003-8-26 12:32:26    

Mission: Carry out publicity and education for environmental protection, organize public environmental protection activities, implement supervision of environmental protection, advocate a green civilization, and promote the sustainable development of society.

Time of Foundation: 1998

Founder: Wei Lu graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature at Nanjing University and is now working full time for environmental NGOs. He organized various campaigns and activities to educate the public. In 2001 , he went on an over 10-thousand kilometer walking tour along the Yangtze River to research ecological conditions, pollution, and folk customs. He held picture exhibitions to inform locals about hidden ecological dangers and contacted government departments and non-governmental organizations to raise public support for protecting the " Mother River. "

Organization: 6 staff members, 12 membership societies, and over 2,100 individual members

Main activities:
1. Setting up the "Ecological Demonstration Garden," where organic foods are produced. Thousands of students visit this site each year.
2. Investigated the wetlands in Salt City, and wrote several articles about existing problems, which drew much attention from the public.
3. Setting up the website : www.green-discovery.com, launching exhibitions about environmental pictures and TV programs and films, organizing campaigns to publicize environmental protection.
4. Organizing workshops about capacity building for volunteers and the partnerships between NGOs and companies.



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