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Global Village of Beijing
2003-8-19 18:33:53    

Global Village of Beijing(GVB) is an environmental non-profit and non-governmental organization, boasting more than 4,000 volunteers nationwide. Sheri Xiaoyi Liao, President of GVB, earned a Master degree of Philosophy from Zhongshan University in 1986. After working as a researcher with the Chinese academy of Social Sciences, Liao became a visiting scholar on International Environmental Politics at the University of North Carolina in the United States. Committed to developing environmental education in China, she returned to Beijing to found GVB in 1996.
GVB's mission is to help China achieve sustainable development by increasing public awareness and enhancing public paticipation.
1.Theory and practice of sustainable consumption;
2.Green community development;
3.Remediation of Desertification & biodiversity protection;
4.Environmental education to younth.
*Its main functions include producing environmental television program, publishing environmental book series, developing an environmental training center, initiating green communities, organizing public activities such as Earth Day China, Green Olympic & Green Life.
*GVB uses its international status to fulfill its mission to promote public environ- mental movement and cilil society development in China. GVB has actively participated in international environmental activities. From 1998 to 2000, GVB was appointed the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) NGO Regional Focal Point and became the Environmental Country Portal, UNEP in 2001. GVB is also member of the Education Committee of IUCN and member of the Asia-Pacific Environmental Journalist League.
*GVB has been developing an international network promoting partneership and communication between NGOs,companies and officials by providing forums, newsletters and consultations. GVB also organizes an environmental tour in China that includes briefing on the situation of environmental NGOs in China,a visit to local green communities, and a day-trip to GVB's Environmental Training Center in Yanqing. The tour enables visitors to better understand China's environmental conditons and public environmental protection activities.
*GVB's effort has been internationally recognized and reported widely by international media such as CNN, NHK, Star TV, News Week, and Reuters.

Sheri Xiaoyi Liao, the leader of GVB, was awarded 2001 Banksia international Award in Australia and 2000 Sophie Prize in Norway. Using the menoy from the Sophie Ptize, GVB has established a Chinese Award "Green LIfe Award" in order to share the honor with Chinese people and to inspire more citizens to participate environmental protection in China.

"At the turn of the millernium, the word is faced with unprecedented exploitation of natural resources and increased environmental stress through pollution,threatening the livelihood security of all people.Twenty two percent(22%) of the world's population lives in China.As China prospers through an unprecedented rate of economic growth,the choices China makes when it comes to environmental resource management will define the future for all humankind"
                   ----The Sophie Foundation

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Tel:(010)64891038、64891039 Fax:(010)64896927


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