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Green Earth Volunteers
2003-8-19 18:36:20    

To enter nature, get to know nature, and make friends with nature.

Time of establishment:1996.

Ms. Yongchen Wang, born in 1954, graduated from the Library Department of Peking University, and is now a reporter for the Central People's Broadcasting Station; Her programs won the first Prize for Chinese Environmental News and the Broadcasting Program Prize in the Asian Pacific-Rim area. In 1999, she won "Earth Award", the highest environmental prize in China and then contributed the prize money, a sum of 20,000 RMB, to China's Environmental Foundation and founded the Green Earth Education Fund. In 2000, SEPA praised Wang as "the Environmental Envoy".
Ms. Jiaman Jin, is an engineer managing the information network in China Environmental Science Research Institute. She does research on Chinese NGOs' participation in environmental protection in her spare time. Sponsored by Rockfeller Foundation, she finished the research report "The Development of China's Social Organizations and Other Non Governmental Organizations". Her article "Environmental Social Organizations and Public Participation" was published in the book of Comments on Chinese Environment and Development.
Yongchen Wang and Jiaman Jin inatiated the Green Earth Volunteers in 1996.

The Green Earth Volunteers are composed of Chinese reporters, scientists, government officials, executives from businesses and firms, teachers, students, and retired people who are concerned about the earth. The organization was founded in 1996, and now has over 30,000 volunteers.

Main Activities
1. The first human raised White Dolphin died, how could we rescue them in their only habitat, Yangtze River.
2. Plant trees and grass in deserts of Inner Mongolia, the banks of Yellow River and the foots of the Great Wall, with the hope that our future generations could still see the colorful Earth.
3. Bring people to the mountains, forests, and wetlands and help them to learn about birds.
4. The activity of "Touch the Earth" enables adults and children who live in urban areas that are far from the natural world to reconnect with nature and learn about organic cultivation.
5. "Class on Wednesday" is a weekly activity enables people to learn about how other living organisms exist and interact with humans on the planet.
6. "Reporters' Salon." Experts concerned with environmental protection will express their understanding of nature and the environment to reporters.
7. "Ecotourism." We hope more and more people would enter nature, get to know nature£¬and make friends with nature together with us.

Tel: 68023538;
E-mail: green_earth@yeah.net



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