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China Environmental Protection Foundation
2003-8-19 18:37:52    

China Environ mentaI Protection Foundation (CEPF) was founded on April 27, 1993. It is the first Non-goverment Foundation dedicated to environmental protection in China.

Prof. Qu Geping, the First Administration for China National Envir- onmental Protection Agency (NEPA), and the President for the Environmental Protection And Natural Resources Conservation Committee Of The China NationaI PeopIe's Congress, is the President for the Board of Directors of China EnvironmentaI Pro- tection Foundation. The United Nations awarded Prof. Qu Geping the Environmental Prize for his outstanding Contribution and leadership for China's environmentaI protection at the UN Con- ference on Environment and Development heIs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil In 1992. After Receiving the prize of US doIler 100, 000, Prof.Qu Geping decided to donate the whole money and proposed to establish the China Environmental Protection Foundation.This proposal had been widely supported. Mr.Wan Li, former Chairman of the Standing Committee of the China National People's Congr- ess, and Mr. Huang Hua, former Vice-Premier of the State Council and Foreign Minister are the Honorary Presidents of CEPF. A number of experts, schoIars and ceIebrities from China and abroad were appointed to be the CEPF speciaI advisors.

The supreme organ of the CEPF is the Board of Directors, which is composed of celebrities of both China and abroad, and represe- ntatives from govemments, social organizations and enteprises. Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, CEPF has set up strict rules for fund raising, management and use. All of these activities have to comply with the state laws and regulations, and shoud be subject to the supervision by the relevant govemment agencies, donors and the individuals both China and abroad. ln accordance with the principle of " from the people, for the people and the benefits the mankind", the CEPF gives the great efforts to raise fund through different means and channeIs for encourag- ing and commending the organizations and individuals who have made outstanding continue contributions to environmental protection, to sponsor various activities and projects, and to promote academic and technical exchange and cooperation with other countries in the fieId of environment protection and ecosystem conservation in China.

Environmental protection is a public cause of far-reaching signifi- cance.While everyone is entitled to a beautiful environment, such an environment needs public care and protection. The CEPFdesire to have friendly exchanges and collaboration with social organiza- tions and individuaIs both at home and abroad, set up relationships of mutual support and cooperation, and work together with them for environmental pretection on which the mankind depends for surviva.

Address: NO.1 Yuhuinan Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,100029 China
Tel: 86-10-84631133 84637722-5118
Fax: 86-10-84631438
email: cepfound@public3.bta.net.cn
website: http://www.cepf.org.cn http://www.cepf.org


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