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Friends of Nature
2003-8-19 18:39:27    

Friends of Nature was founded in 1994 and is now one of the most active and influential grassroot environmental NGOs in China. Its mission is to help heighten the environmental awareness of the public by educating them through various kinds of educational activities, and to work with and assist the Chinese government in solving specific environmental problems.

 Mr. Congjie Liang was born in August of 1932. In 1958, he graduated from the graduate institution of the History Department at Peking University. He worked at Yunnan University and the Foreign Relation Study Institution. He acted as an editor in China's Encyclopedia Publishing House and the Intellectuals Magazine. In 1993, he started to pay attention to non-governmental environmental protection activities. And in 1994, he founded the first non-government environmental organization, " Friends of Nature." In 1995, he was awarded the Asian Environment Prize by the Japanese and Korean media. In 1999, he won the Earth Prize awarded by China's Environment Newsman Association and Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong. In June of 2000, he was praised as "Environmental Messenger" by the National Environmental Department. He has been invited by the Beijing Bidding Commission for the 2008 Olympic Games to serve as environmental adviser. In August 2000, president Congjie Liang received the Magsaysay Award from the Philippines.

The members of Friends of Nature comes from all walks of the country. Now, there are over 1500 members and 24 group members, with the main members of the university environmental social clubs.Main Activities:1. "Green Hope Action" - to promote environmental education in rural schools of underdeveloped regions.2. Antelope and Wild Pony Car- mobile classrooms visit schools and communities in Beijing and regions in Western China to organize training programs for local environmental education.3. Friends of Nature Series - FON has published a series of books for environmental education, such as Our Home Earth, For Helpless Nature, Environmental Disasters in the 20th century, and An Illustrated Handbook of Wild Birds of Beijing. 4. Symposia and Lectures on environmental topics - we educate ourselves as well as the public.5. Survey on Environmental Awareness of Chinese Newspapers - Annual survey that has been conducted continuously from 1995 to 2000.

Contact Information
Address: Room 301/315, Gonghe Bldg., 10 Qihelou Beixiang, Beijing China Zip Code: 100006
Tel: 0086-10-65261382Fax:0086-10-65233134
Email: office@fon.org
URL: http//:www.fon.org


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