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• Assistive Facilities Expo to Be Held during Paralympics
• Disabled People's Troupe Performs for the Olympics
• Mongolian PM Hails Beijing Games as Fabulous Chapter in Olympic History
• Chinese Culture Influence Destined to Increase: Mayor of London
• Beijing Airport Promotes Chinese Culture Week for Departing Olympic Travelers
• Artist Shows Chinese Culture with Symbolic Elements
• Olympic Games Add Popularity to Chinese language
• First Olympic-themed Comics to Land China
• China Scores High in Showcasing Traditional Culture in Olympics: IOC Official
• UN Official: Beijing Olympic Games "Leave Valuable Legacy for China"
• UN Secretary-General's Rep: I Am Impressed by Ordinary Chinese People
• Jumping Fence Motifs Reflect Chinese History, Culture
• Visitors to Beijing Vie for Glimpses of Chinese Culture
• Beijing Duck Top Favorite, Supply Doubled for Athletes
• Beijing Specialty Gives Patrons A Taste of China
• Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition Opens
• "McDonald's Champion Kids" Visit Olympic Village
• BBC Chief Hails Beijing Olympics, More Open China
• Vietnamese President Hails Beijing Olympics as New Milestone in Olympic History
• Beijing Lights Olympic Cauldron to A Magic Start
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What do you think will impress foreign visitors the most during the Beijing Olympics?
The friendliness of the Beijing people
The Water Cube and other Olympic venues
The Forbidden City
The Great Wall
Beijing "siheyuan" (Chinese traditional courtyard houses)
Peking Opera
Wangfujing Street
Beijing Roast Duck