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• Best Games of My Life: Samaranch
• Beijing Airport Sees Peak Traffic after Games
• UN Chief Congratulates China for Olympic Success
• Foreign Leaders Hail Successful Beijing Olympics
• Iranian Media Hails Beijing Olympics as Great Success
• Vietnamese Deputy PM says Beijing Olympics "Successful, Unprecedented"
• Beijing Olympia Displays National Power: Korean Newspaper
• DPRK Does Well at Beijing Olympiad: newspaper
• Almost 500,000 Calls Made at Two Ceremonies
• The Other Side Of The "Lightning Bolt"
• Beijing Modifies Even-Odd License Plate System
• 80 Pct Chinese Households Watch Closing Ceremony
• Liu Qi Awarded Olympic Order in Gold
• Advice, Criticism Make Unforgettable Games
• Australian PM Praises Australian Olympians
• Venezuelan President Hails China's Organization of Olympics
• Closing Ceremony of Beijing Olympics Is Spectacular: Algerian Paper
• Indonesian Olympic Committee Lauds Beijing Olympics
• Olympic, China Most Successful: Vietnamese Media
• Beijing Offers Olympics Template for Developing Countries
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What do you think will impress foreign visitors the most during the Beijing Olympics?
The friendliness of the Beijing people
The Water Cube and other Olympic venues
The Forbidden City
The Great Wall
Beijing "siheyuan" (Chinese traditional courtyard houses)
Peking Opera
Wangfujing Street
Beijing Roast Duck