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Beijingers Give Olympics Almost Unanimous "Successful" Rating
    2008-08-29 20:33:03     Xinhua

An official survey has found 98.6 percent of the Beijing residents consider the Olympics "successful".


The Beijing Bureau of Statistics questioned by telephone 3,032 people from the capital's 18 districts and counties on their views on the Olympic Games from Aug. 8-24.


Of the respondents, 82 percent said the Games was "very successful", and 16.6 percent regarded it as "quite successful", the bureau said Friday.


The survey found 97.7 percent attributed the success to the government's strong organization and coordination, 97.2 percent to the volunteers' enthusiastic service and 96.8 percent to the general public's active involvement.


Meanwhile, 90 percent of the respondents said bad habits such as littering decreased during the Games, 89.6 percent found more people offered seats to those in need on public transport, and 87 percent said fewer people jumped queues or quarreled in public places during the Games.


The Olympics helped enhance public awareness of environmental protection, according to 42.6 percent of those surveyed.


Asked what concerns the Beijing people most now the Olympics were over, most respondents said environmental protection was their top concern, followed by commodity prices, transport, the national economy, incomes, housing and employment.



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