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Beijing Olympics Historical Moments for Indonesian Weightlifting: Coach
    2008-08-26 13:55:34     Xinhua
Beijing Olympics has really become the historical moment for Indonesian weightlifting.

"Indonesian weighlifter have been waiting for more than 60 years for medal earning. And, the history really started in Beijing, with the victory of Eko Yuli Irawan and Triyatno," Indonesian weightlifting coach Lukman told Xinhua on Tuesday during special interview in Jakarta.

Eko Yuli Irawan impressed the Indonesian people after winning the first bronze medal in the 56 kg category at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. And his teammate, Triyatno gave the country another bronze medal.

"It was not only the first medal for Indonesian team in the Beijing Olympics but the first medal also for Indonesian weighlifting association," he said.

Indonesian weightlifters started to participate in world events such as Olympics in 1948. The best result before was achieved by Dirja Mihardja in Seoul Olympics in 1988. "But, he could only took the fourth position, without any medal," he said.

Having waited since 1948, Eko and Triyatno have really made historical moments by earning bronze medal, respectively. "So, Beijing has been very memorable for me because of our success in earning two medals after waiting for 60 years," he said.

Lukman did not deny that his weighlifters' success turn to double happiness, namely the bonus from Indonesian sport and youth ministry, Indonesian weightlifing association, provincial governments where Eko and Triyatno used to be.

"Hopefully, the success will give more motivation, particularly Eko who is preparing for junior world championship next year in Romania," he said.


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