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Rogge: Legacy Beijing Games Has Long Term Positive Effects
    2008-08-25 09:26:04     CRIENGLISH.com

  President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge says besides the excellent organizing work, the Beijing Olympic Games will also leave both tangible and intangible legacies. The legacies will have long-term positive effects for both China and the world. He made the remark a few hours before the Beijing Olympic Games closed on Sunday night. CRI's Liao Jibo reports.

When bidding goodbye to the Beijing Olympics, the IOC President Jacques Rogge highly complimented the games and the organizers' work.

"The IOC is extremely pleased by the organization of the games. BOCOG has clearly put the athletes at the center of the games. We had splendid village, we had state of the art venues, we had impeccable operation."

He said in addition to the successful sports competitions in the past two weeks, the Beijing Games has also produced important tangible and intangible legacies.

He said the tangible legacy can be easily defined, which are the venues that have been built and can promote the universality of sports.

"After-game use of the venues will be optimal. This is something that will be used on a day-to-day base, not to run international match every two or three months."

He said the tangible legacy includes improved urban infrastructure, such as the new airport terminal and the metro system.

But he said there are more intangible legacies. Chinese people are more aware of the environment, and there is a rising enthusiasm for sports. The Chinese government has also vowed to invest more in mass sports and bring more people to sports activities.

Rogge added the Games has promoted the mutual understanding between China and the world.

"Through the games, China has been scrutinized by the world, has opened up to the world. The world has learned China, and China has learned about the world. And I believe this will have positive effects in the long-term."

Rogge praised athletes for having staged great performances, with more than 40 new world records and 120 Olympic records being set.

The games have given the world two new icons in Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.

He himself has been most touched by the attitude of American shooter Matt Emmons. Emmons had a big lead in the 50 meter rifle final, but missed the gold due to a mistake in the last shot, repeating his misfortune in Athens.

"What moves me most is the positive attitude of this man, to say this is a big failure, I take the responsibility, and I will come back to wind gold. This is the true spirit of the Olympic games. The games is not only about winning gold, it is about the struggle of every athlete every day to achieve his or her own limit, having this resilience and saying I will not give up. This is fantastic."

Rogge stressed even though the Olympic flame was put out on Sunday night, its legacy remains, and people will always remember the stories and magical moments produced during the Games.

Liao Jibo, CRI News.



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