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Aug 24: What I Did during the Olympics
    2008-08-24 15:23:29     CRIENGLISH.com

By Chen Mo

All the diving competitions have just finished. The Chinese divers won 7 gold medals, marking a piece of history. I was there for every exciting moment, every cheer and every tear.

Our home crowd is quite passionate and polite. They cheer for winners, and encourage those who did not do good dives. Foreign athletes told me that they feel warm here in the Water Cube. They thank the audiences for their support, even though they cannot clearly see who is cheering.

Audiences cheered for winners, no matter where they come from. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Ok, let's go back to my desk in the Water Cube. I would print the list of divers before the competitions, and then record their performance in each round, so that I can have a deep understanding about the sport. I was even nervous than the divers, because I have to do telephone interview before, during and after each competition. Just keep everything in my mind. Really tough jobs!

Writing down everything deserves noticing in each competition. Still too far away from an expert. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

And finally, the mixed zone, the most crowded place in the world. I interviewed some famous divers there, including Guo Jingjing. But the most important thing is not meeting superstars, but to communicate with them and see what the champions think after victory. And I was touched by their determination and courage for sports!!!!!

So the Olympics have come to an end. Taking media bus back home in midnight, I watch the night scene of Beijing and said 'Hey, you made it!'.

Guo Jingjing took interviews in the mixed zone. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]



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