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Culture Feast Accompanies the Olympics
    2008-08-15 21:50:06     CRIENGLISH.com

A show brought by a professional performance team from China's east Zhejiang province is staged in the Olympic culture square of Beijing International Sculpture Park on July 24, 2008. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com/ Cao Jie]

The Olympics has given China a great chance to share its culture with the world, and at the Olympic culture squares visitors can personally experience various aspects of Chinese culture.

The International Sculpture Park is one of the 26 Olympic culture squares in Beijing. As in other Olympic culture squares, performances carefully selected from regions around China are staged here.

The shows are provided by professional performance teams from around China, including standout child performers.

Each Olympic culture square is equipped with a 150-square-meter screen on which visitors can watch the Olympic competitions. On the day of the Olympics opening ceremony, many people congregated around the big screen to share their joy with the rest of the community.

College students serving as volunteers staff the Olympic culture squares. Liang Qi, a student at Beijing Technology and Business University, is a volunteer. She describes the services that the volunteers provide.

"We mainly offer three kinds of services. One is helping visitors deal with minor emergencies. For example, we have a medical box to treat visitors who get injured in the park. We also provide language services and information, including weather and event schedules."

The activities in the Olympic culture squares will last for two months, from July 13 to September 16. According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, the number of visitors to the Olympic culture squares has surpassed 1.4 million to date.

For CRI Webcast, I'm Cao Jie.

(Reporter, Editor: Cao Jie)

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