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Olympics and the Economy
    2008-07-23 17:48:16     CRIENGLISH.com

Night scene of the National Stadium, or the Bird's Nest, on July 16, 2008 in Beijing. [Photo: Xinhua]

  China is hoping to buck the trend when it comes to one aspect of the Olympics.  Though the Olympic Games are always an exciting time, especially for the host country, only one city since 1956 has not shown an economic slowdown following the games according to a study by Morgan Stanley.  Still, the director of the National Economic Research Institute here in China doesn't see cause for concern.  Fan Gang was quoted recently as saying though other cities which hosted the Games may have suffered an economic "hangover", he said he's "very optimistic that the Chinese economy after the Beijing Olympics will continue to grow rapidly".  So what can cause a host city to suffer economic losses after an Olympics?  And how can Beijing and China ensure that it fares as well as Atlanta did, which was the only city in the Morgan Stanley survey which didn't show a post-Games economic slowdown?  Ni hao, you're listening to  People In the Know, your window into the world around you, online at crienglish.com here on China Radio International.  In this edition of the show we"'l be talking about Olympic economics.  So let's get started.


First we'll hear from an advisor to the Beijing Municipal Government.  Mr. Gilbert Van Kerckhove is the Managing Director of Beijing Global Strategy Consulting.

(Dialogue with Kerckhove)

And after a short break, we'll hear from a professor Yao Yongling, Associate Professor with the School of Public Administration at Renmin University.

(Dialogue with Yao)

And with that we close out this edition of  People In the Know, online at crienglish.com here on China Radio International. Building up infrastructure is important for the Olympics.  But it's what that infrastructure is used for afterward and how it is maintained that will help determine the economic success of the Games.  Questions or comments for us can be sent to people@cri.com.cn.  For Executive Director Zhao Yang and Producer Yang Jingjie, I'm Paul James in Beijing.  We'll talk to you tomorrow.



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