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Campbell on Beijing's Rock Scene


Cui Jian¡¯s ¡°Yi Wu Suo You¡±, with its strong beats and simple bold lyrics, struck a nerve with every disaffected youth of the 1980¡¯s. The song has its origins in the Xibei Feng or Northwest Wind style of the folk songs of Shaanxi Province.

But the birthplace of Chinese Rock was of course in Beijing. It was witness to the rise of rock in the early 90¡¯s with Tang Dynasty and the Black Panthers playing both large concerts and underground rock venues.

Then it was punk musicians and bands such as He Yong and Brain Failure. Venues and equipment became more accessible, and drawing upon their predecessors and well as foreign influences, local bands naturally grew in number.

But how can you tell if they¡¯re any good? To find out, I spoke with Jon Campbell, an American music columnist and promoter based here in Beijing. His band Black Cat Bone is playing this Saturday at Yugong Yishan. You can see for yourself whether he¡¯s really as good as he says. And you¡¯ll have to wait until next month to see Subs, they¡¯ll be performing with Hang On the Box at Wuming Gaodi in Beijing.




07:00AM, BST. 2006-05-26.




Hourly News,07:00,BST,2006-05-26.

What began life as a ten-minute program on CRI is now moving on to a new stage in its life. Voices from other lands in its moving on, becoming a half-hour magazine show devoted to interviews and discussions on topics concerning China and its ties to the rest of the world. It will never be our intention to push an idea on the air, nor will it ever be our intention to discuss things in a hard-faced, almost uncomfortably serious manner. Rather, it is our intention to provide the setting for insights to be shared, knowledge to be gained, and ideas to be cherished, be they of national or international importance.
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People In the Know Host: Paul James
At 193 cm's tall, Paul ¨C or P-Jimmy to his close friends ¨C defiantly stands out on the streets of Beijing.
Nancy:The Big Sister on Radio
Yinan has been acknowledged by her listeners as sunny and approachable.

Fergus Thompson:News Anchor
His ability to fall asleep in any place at any time of the day or night comes in useful.
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