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Today updated 20:00 2017/12/06俄罗斯代表团被国际奥组委团灭;西成铁路今日通天堑
   2017-12-06 20:30:04   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: 王潇


Welcome to 'Today' - an hour of world news and analysis -- from a different perspective. I'm Zhaoying

Coming up:

--IOC bans Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics

--Chinese Embassy says Australia's foreign interference laws undermine trust

--China's Saihanba afforestation community bags UN's top environmental award

--High-speed railway links major west China cities officially begins operations

For more on this , we are joining in the studio by  LI Xiang,senior sports commentator;Chen Hong, executive vice president of Chinese Association of Australian Studies in China, Director of Australian Studies Center,East China Normal University;Ge Anna earlier spoke with Changhua WU, China/Asia Director, office of Jeremy Rifkin,a company aiming to advance third industrial revolution agenda to create new growth drivers for a new and clean economy;Wang Dan, analyst of Economist Intelligence Unit, and Victor Gao, Current affairs commentator earlier talked with my colleague Zhao Yang.

If you have any questions or want to leave comments, simply follow us on Weibo, we're 今日_CRI_TODAY. To listen to this episode again or catch up on previous episodes, you can download our podcast by searching for world news analysis.

To hear this episode again or to catch up on previous episodes you can download our podcast by searching for World News Analysis.