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Today updated 20:00 2017/12/02嘉年华电影鼓励女性勇敢发声;维多利亚摔跤考验专业素养
   2017-12-01 20:27:41   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: 王潇


Welcome to 'Today' - an hour of world news and analysis -- from a different perspective. I'm Zhaoying

Coming up;

--Australian Victoria state legalizes assisted dying in national first

--Germany bans children's smartphones over safety concerns

--Award-winning Chinese film sparks discussion by tacking aftermath of child milestation

--How to deal with a stumble on the catwalk of worldclass top fashion show?

For more on this , we are joining on the line by Zhao Hai,Research Fellow,National Strategy Institute, Tsinghua University;manling,host of alight on literature and language café

If you have any questions or want to leave comments, simply follow us on Weibo, we're 今日_CRI_TODAY. To listen to this episode again or catch up on previous episodes, you can download our podcast by searching for world news analysis.

To hear this episode again or to catch up on previous episodes you can download our podcast by searching for World News Analysis.