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Today updated 20:00 2017/11/30中共聚全球200政党开大会;2500亿美元感动不了美国反倾销中国决心
   2017-11-30 20:49:24   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: 王潇


Welcome to 'Today' - an hour of world news and analysis -- from a different perspective. I'm Suyi

Coming up;

--A high-level dialogue session between the Communist Party of China and over 200 political parties from other countries has begun in Beijing

--China says it is strongly dissatisfied with U.S. anti-dumping investigations

--China’s UN envoy calls for restraint over Korean Peninsula nuclear crisis

For more on this , we are joining on the line by Professor Qu Bo,China Foreign Affairs University; Zhao Yang earlier talked with Wang Dan, analyst of Economist Intelligence Unit and Victor Gao, Current affairs commentator; Zhao Hai, Research Fellow, National Strategy Institute, Tsinghua University;Linshaowen,senior political analyst

If you have any questions or want to leave comments, simply follow us on Weibo, we're 今日_CRI_TODAY. To listen to this episode again or catch up on previous episodes, you can download our podcast by searching for world news analysis.

To hear this episode again or to catch up on previous episodes you can download our podcast by searching for World News Analysis.