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RoundTable1113 - 手剁完了后悔不?
   2017-11-13 14:27:43   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Should Owners Be Compensated for Stigmatized Properties

If the previous tenant passed away in a property, the value of real estate often sees a drop. Recently a court in Shanghai over-ruled a landlord’s claim for compensation after a fatal tragedy took place in his villa.

Is it reasonable? What do you think?

RoundTable's Motivational Monday

In our weekly segment called "RoundTable's Motivational Monday", we'll share ideas that would hopefully motivate you throughout the week.

Topic2-Things You Regret Buying during the Shopping

After staying up late, struggling with maddeningly slow internet access and scrabbling for bargains amid the millions of other buyers who were online, we bet you woke up with a smile of content the morning of the Singles’ Day shopping spree, which was on November 11, last Saturday.

Now let's tackle a more frustrating topic: buyer's remorse. What is buyer’s remorse? Do you have any regrets over purchases made during Double 11?