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RoundTable1110 - 双十一攻略教你如何避免被坑!
   2017-11-10 17:19:32   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Strategies for Double Eleven Day Shopping Frenzy

November 11 is the day for singletons to be reminded of their relationship status, or simply buy stuff to make you feel better. Joking apart, Single's Day has now morphed into the day people go online to shop.

Special vouchers and discounts are mounting up, and customers are using their math skills to find out a way to spend less and purchase more. But it may simply be too complicated, that only a Mathematics Olympian medal winner can figure out.

Is that true?

RoundTable's Happy Place

In our weekly segment called "RoundTable's Happy Place", we'll invite you to our happy place and spread the joy.

Topic2-Working 22 days, then take a 8 days off

It's Friday!! Just think about the two resting days ahead, happy, uh? What if you can take 8 days off at one go? But there's a catch. You work 22 days without a rest day.