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   2017-10-13 14:37:24   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Japanese TV show triggers public discussion on the lack of romantic education in school

A segment of a Japanese TV show has gone viral in China. The episode features middle school students standing on the roof top of the school building, and professing their romantic affection towards their schoolmates in public.

Many Chinese internet users cannot help but recall their school days, when teachers and parents forbid any type of romantic relationship.

Should the school not only teach us knowledge, but also how to love?

Topic2-Forbidden City adopts online-only ticket model

The Palace Museum in Beijing-China's former imperial palace, or the Forbidden City-announced on September 10th that it has begun to sell entry tickets solely through its online booking system, with few exceptions.

Will the visitor experience be enhanced this way?

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