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RoundTable1012 - 一盒辣酱引发的哄抢
   2017-10-12 14:24:30   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Primary School Research Project Makes Headline

A research project done by students from Tsinghua University Primary School has grabbed eyeballs on China's social media. The Beijing-based school asked its 6th-year students to do research paper on Song Dynasty poet Su Shi, and the paper handed in were pretty impressive because of the methods adopted.

Topic2-Szechuan Sauce

A limited Szechuan sauce sold in McDonald's in the US has excited fans of the show Rick and Morty. As it was described in the promotion, McDonald said that this sauce re-release as very, very limited, and only on Saturday, October 7th.

The internet went bonkers over McDonald's latest marketing strategy.

Topic3-Is a good night's sleep better than a pay rise at work?

As so many people start out making positive changes in their diet, fitness exercises, and lifestyle, but they sometimes neglected their sleep qualities. Some of them only sleep six or so hours a night and call it enough for themselves. Or, they lay awake at night stressing about their career, relationships, or finances, making it nearly impossible to fall asleep. Whatever the case may be for you, if you aren't sleeping enough every evening, it is definitely going to influence on your happiness, more than you may have realized.

Is a good night's sleep better than a pay rise at work?