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RoundTable1010 - 揭秘朋友圈投票刷票产业链
   2017-10-10 14:23:51   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Will the ongoing paper price rise bring disastrous challenge to print media

Shandong Chenming Paper Group, a domestic newsprint heavyweight has issued an announcement to major newspaper groups across the country, that a price hike will occur for each tone of newsprint by 500 Yuan, or some 76 US Dollars.

How will it influence print media? And what are the challenges and opportunities in the new era?

Topic2-Online voting is a bigger business than you think

Social media is a magical place where wonders occur. Wining a trophy in the virtual world could mean a lot for real people. When people post a message asking for votes in a contest, we usually think of it as a slight nuisance and shrug it off, or simply comply and click away. Not a lot of people realize this phenomenon is linked to a whole industry where a lot of people make their living.

Topic3-Do the colors you wear at work matter

What we wear shouldn't affect how we feel at work. But the truth is, it does. In fact, our appearance not only affects how we are perceived by others, but also on how we perceive ourselves. So does that mean the colors you wear at work matter?