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RoundTable1009 - 8天长假后怎样解决节后综合症?
   2017-10-09 15:41:08   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-National Day holiday week

Chinese holidaymakers took 705 million domestic visitor trips and spent approximately 584 billion Yuan (or 88 billion US Dollars) during the holiday week ending on Sunday. That was 11.9 percent more trips and 13.9 percent more money spent than last year. What makes this National Day holiday week special?

Topic2-Post Vacation Blues

As the whole nation comes back to work from an 8 day vacation, many are experiencing the post-vacation blues, also known as post-vacation or post-travel depression. This condition is marked by an overall decrease in well-being and work productivity following a satisfying vacation. However hard it may be, what are the ways to overcome the blues and make it right again?

Motivational Monday

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