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RoundTable0914 - 女员工隐孕入职谁之过?
   2017-09-14 14:46:57   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Woman in Ningbo hides pregnancy in employment

A woman in Ningbo city, eastern China's Zhejiang province, allegedly concealed her pregnancy before joining a new company, and apparently took advantage of the maternity leave policy.

Should women report their pregnancy whilst joining a new company?

Topic2-Why do people actually enjoy familiar stories or cliches

We tend to assume everybody likes new things in one way or another. A new movie, a new restaurant, a new partner. That sense of novelty excites us.

But an experiment tells us otherwise. Apparently, people actually enjoy familiar stories or cliches over new ones.

Toipc3-Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss

Have you had to work with a bad, oopps, correction, difficult boss?

If the answer is yes, I know I should give you some suggestions.