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RoundTable0912 - 博士生能不能帮父母扫街?
   2017-09-12 14:31:10   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-PhD student helps his parents clean streets, and triggers online debate

A PhD student helped his parents with their work during summer vacation.

That's all sweet and caring of the son. Then the controversy kicks in when it is revealed that the PhD student was cleaning the streets for his parents.

Why has this news story attracted so much diverse comments?

Topic2-Professional Queuers

In China, waiting in line sometimes feels like a competitive sport. The queues in front of certain shops that become internet sensations remind us of the overnight queue at the launch of Apple's latest iPhones. But recent news has exposed the people get paid for standing in the queue.

Topic3-Grocery shopping differs from north to south

Thanks to the vast territory and huge population of China, diverse living habits with geographical features have been an ever-lasting topic among the Chinese people. For example, should mooncakes be vegetarian or have meat content, should the Tofu pudding be savory or sweet. Your answer will be a clear indication to where you are from.

What adds to the list now is the way northerners and southerners shop for groceries is strikingly different too!

Northerners often buy in whole, while southerners always buy in individual portions. Why is that?