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Today updated 20:00 2017/08/11  什么焦虑着世界?中国人最乐观!
   2017-08-11 20:59:33   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: 王潇


Welcome to 'Today' - an hour of world news and analysis -- from a different perspective. I'm Jingnan.

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China is the most optimistic country of 26 countries surveyed worldwide, with 87 percent of people believing their country is on the right track, according to a survey carried out by the Ipsos polling organisation.It compares to a global average of only 40%.China is followed in the ranking by India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Canada.At the bottom of the list comes Mexico, where only 8 percent believe their country is heading in the right direction.The United States comes in tenth position, with 43 percent of the population having a positive outlook. Americans ranked only slightly better than Germans and Israelis. So, good news for China, but why do levels of optimism vary so widely, and what are the main points of concern in countries around the world.

    For more on this, CRI' Jingnan is now joined in the studio by Dr Yu Jie, Head of China Foresight, London School of Economics and Political Science;Harvey Dzodin, freelance columnist for China Daily/former vice president of ABC Television Network;on the phone we have Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI.

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