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RoundTable0811 - 社会你大妈,讨债套路多
   2017-08-11 15:12:26   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic 1-The debt-collecting middle-aged Dama

Members of a Chinese "gang of Dama" of debt-collectors have been jailed over illegal acts of debt collection in which they menaced victims and even stripped naked to get them to pay up, according to state media. These middle-aged women, or "damas" in Chinese, have been charged with "organized crime and gangster-like activities".

Why are middle-aged women joining the debt collection businesses? And why is debt collection-related crime a recurring phenomenon?

Topic2-How To Stop Stress From Stealing Your Joy

Ask a friend or coworker, "How are you?" and often you'll hear, "stressed!" What happened to "I'm well" or "great" or even "happy?" We seem to accept stress as normal, even honorable. It feels like a requirement for success and justifies how hard we work. Here are 11 strategies to give stress an overhaul!

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