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RoundTable0809 - 如何拯救深陷传销的迷途羔羊?
   2017-08-09 15:30:40   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Mysterious death of college graduate prompts pyramid schemes probe

The death of a university graduate in northern China's Tianjin city, has sparked a heated discussion over the safety of online recruitment, as the young man was reportedly lured into a pyramid scheme in the coastal city.

How have pyramid schemes sprouted and expanded in China? What needs to be done in order to clamp down on pyramid schemes?

Round Table, Heart to Heart

We will play out on radio questions from listeners and answer them. Have your question been chosen? You will need to listen to find out!

Topic2-Free coins dropped on Chinese streets

Sometimes you want to take the bus, or buy a drink from a vending machine, then you are looking for some change. If you see a big box of coins on the street, offering free cash for people in need. Would you take the money?

It has been touted as a social experiment on society, carried out in cities around the world. What are the test results? How has the reaction from some pedestrians surprised us?