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RoundTable0808 - 影院偷《战狼2》票房,你的良心不会痛吗?
   2017-08-08 14:56:36   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-China utilizes AI technology to prevent crime

AI technology has been applied in the judicial system. Can big data and machine learning make Chinese courts more intelligent and efficient?

Can AI uphold or obstruct justice?

Topic2-Cinemas criticized for stealing box office earnings from Wolf Warriors 2

"Wolf Warriors, the sequel", the action movie has set a new box office record for Chinese domestically-made movies, gaining approximately 3.5 billion Yuan. However, some internet users report that cinemas are stealing the box office earnings of the movie.

Is it true? How is it done?

Topic3-The eighth day of August, what a good day!

It's August 8 today -- better watch out because some great fortune might land right on your lap! In China, the number eight is pronounced the similar way as the character for "wealth" or "windfall", which makes it a lucky number in the Chinese culture. Two "eights" in one day just doubles the luck.

What numbers are considered lucky and unlucky in China and abroad? What are the things people would do to be lucky?