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RoundTable0717 - 何时让寒门再出贵子?
   2017-07-17 16:13:53   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Rich kids or poor kids, who can be more successful?

A controversial debate is brewing on Chinese social media. It goes like this: poor kids cannot turn their life around, that's a true testament to social equality in today's China.

Is it fair? What needs to be done to promote education equality?

Motivational Monday

We share quotes that have motivated us at the start of week.

Topic2-Vertical Forest City Being Built in China

China has been experiencing fast urban growth amid challenges from air pollution. One city is set to get its first vertical forest. The blue print says high-rise buildings with trees and plants, will absorb carbon dioxide, filter dust from pollution and produce oxygen.

The first vertical forest is under construction in Nanjing city of China. Is it an adequate way to fight pollution and set Chinese cities on a green path to the future?