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RoundTable0714 - 中国式相亲价目表,你在哪一层?
   2017-07-14 14:54:55   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Price list for Chinese styled blind dates

A so-called price list of males and females in the dating pool has gone viral.

The property you buy or inherit, your Hukou or household registration, you educational background can all come with a price tag in the marriage market. Can marriage and love be quantified? How important is money in marriage?

Topic2-Is Golden Jaguar's demise the end of Buffet?

Golden Jaguar, a famous buffet restaurant chain, closed its last restaurant on July 1 after 14 years in business. Some buffet goers lament it is the end of an era for buffet restaurants in China, as the 2000s incarnation of all-you-can-eat abundance became knee-deep in debt.

What happened to the Golden Jaguar? Do high-end buffet restaurants still have a draw on restaurant-goers today?

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