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RoundTable0713 - 如何躲过恋爱中的陷阱?
   2017-07-13 14:35:04   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Medicine Online Sales in China

The common belief for Chinese patients in the ecommerce era goes like this: medicine sold online is cheaper than that of in brick and mortar stores. But recently, a customer bought a box of medicine on Taobao, China's biggest online marketplace, at 88 Yuan, but later found that the same medicine is only priced at 5 Yuan each in the hospital.

Where is the cheapest and safety place to buy medicine?

Topic2-Are mailboxes becoming obsolete

When was the last time you checked your mailbox in the lobby of your apartment building? If you need a moment to answer that question, it's probably because you haven't gotten anything from your mailbox in a long time. In an era where almost all information is transmitted digitally, mailbox looks like a thing of the past.

Do we still need mailboxes?

Topic3-7 Pitfalls You Can Avoid to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Human nature is all about relationships. Finding them, keeping them together and keeping each other happy are the things that keep us well. Stress and misery can destroy our minds as well as our bodies. A ruined relationship can ruin your outlook on life itself.

Here are a few pitfalls and some suggestions for avoiding them.