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RoundTable0615 - 为何娱乐圈热衷于团体造星?
   2017-06-15 14:48:07   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic1-Idol group industry in China

June the sixteenth marks the season finale of China's most popular online debate show Qi Pa Shuo ( aka You Can, You Bibi), which brings together a group of diverse and vocal Chinese people.
That includes Ma Jianyue, one of the thirty members of an all-girls idol group, who claimed that Qi Pa Shuo is her ONLY job opportunity for the entire year. Is the multiple member idol group still a star incubator in show biz?

Topic2-Xinhua Dictionary APP costs a lot

An app for Xinhua Dictionary has recently hit the app store. And surprise surprise, you need to pay to use it.

Xinhua Dictionary has been regarded as the highest authority on the Chinese language.

Users initially welcomed the classic dictionary to have an APP edition, but then became angry over the fact that the app is not free.

Topic3-Should one apologize at the workplace

We believe in the power of an apology—and in the importance of not wasting the power of those two little words. But in the workplace, is making an apology a good or bad move?