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RoundTable0519 - 音乐剧wicked女主演讲述幕后故事
   2017-05-19 14:52:08   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang


Topic 1-Interview with the star of Wicked

Round Table talks with Jacqueline Hughes, the star of Wicked, the musical.

Topic2-MP3 format saying goodbye to market

We’ve recently seen the last nail on the coffin for MP3, an audio format. Recently, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits ("Fraunhofer Institute"), which invented MP3, announced that they have terminated some of the licenses for MP3-related patents. Instead, audio format like AAC is replacing MP3.

People here in China are feeling nostalgic about the end of MP3, as it's almost like bidding farewell to our youth.

Topic3-Chinese Wife Installs Card Reader To Get Husband Home Before 9PM

Punching in and out of work is common for employers to keep track of employee's attendance, but what if a wife uses that on her husband? 

A card scanner is installed by a wife to make sure that her husband doesn't come home later than 9 pm. Otherwise, he'll need to face the music!