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The Beijing Hour updated 20:00 2017/04/19 
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The Beijing Hour


Evening  Edition




Paul James with you this Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

Welcome to the Beijing Hour, coming to you live from the Chinese capital...

Coming up on our program this evening...

Final preparations are getting underway for the maiden launch of China's first cargo spaceship tomorrow evening.

The head of UNESCO is lauding the gains to cultural preservation being created through the "Belt and Road" initiative.

UK Prime Minister Theresea May calling for a snap election to try to shore-up support ahead of critical Brexit negotiations.

In the second half of the hour... in depth discussion on issues, including...

Preparations for the forthcoming "Belt and Road" Summit in Beijing next month.

New IMF predictions about more robust Chinese and world economic growth this year.

What is behind the growing number of Chinese billionaires.





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