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RoundTable0419 - 共享充电宝,你用得上吗?
   2017-04-19 14:56:29   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic 1 - China's Feature Town Industry

China is promoting its "feature town," or tese xiaozhen, so as to narrow the wealth gap between the cities and the countryside. What is a feature town? How can it improve rural economy as well as living standards?

Topic 2 - Sharing portable chargers in China

It seems, just as we are getting used to one new item joining the shared economy, another one pops into the picture and we start sharing all over again. But will this be the case with what seems to be a new initiative from some companies to start sharing a charge for your phone. Will this kind of sharing have a future in the world of tomorrow?

Topic 3 - Six Memory Myths, you don't know about

Myths are only mythical until we have uncovered the truth. Well when you have the memory of a goldfish, like myself, then the myths of memory are very interesting…for as long as I can remember it. Guy's let's talk about these myths, and see if we agree.